Seth Troxler


Thursday 11 July _ 5AM-7AM

Seth Troxler is one of electronic music’s most instantly recognisable characters, as widely regarded for his encyclopaedic knowledge of early Chicago house and minimal techno through to obscure indierock and ambient psychedelia, as he is as a cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur.
Descended from a family of cowboys and Baptist preachers, he’s part African-American, part Egyptian, part Cherokee Indian but while his heritage is all-American his global outlook, and unique way of viewing the world through the prism of contemporary music culture, transcends his Mid-Western origins.
Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and raised in suburban Detroit, Seth learnt the art of DJing initially from his stepfather (then a college Radio DJ) and later working behind the counter in legendary Detroit record store ‘Melodies & Memories’.
In 2015 Seth opened his first restaurant in London called ‘Smokey Tails’ to showcase his unique cooking style. Initially a pop-up in East London, nominated for a Time ‘Love London’ award, it moved to a more permanent location on Hoxton Square as well as a travelling stall that has become a key food destination at British music festivals such as Glastonbury and Wilderness. 2018 marks a new chapter in Seth’s life. The release of his LP sampler ‘This is Then’ in April 2018 is intended to act as a musical coda to his first ten years in Europe, before he sets his sights on the future, through his Lost Souls of Saturn project, the first release of which is due out on R&S records in May.