Mathew Jonson (live)


Sunday 14 July _ 1:30AM-3AM

He’s developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson’s tracks, you almost immediately know it’s his.


His music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality. With a keen understanding for the needs of the dance floor and the universal laws of house and techno, he’s thrown out the rule book time and time again, sneaking tricks learned from electro and even drum’n’bass into minimal clubs, and loading up his B-sides with tracks that do what they damned well please.


Jonson gradually began honing in on his own sound, both in his productions and his DJ sets, inspired by a deeper, weirder sound that had begun filtering into the Victoria’s techno parties. His first record, in 2001, was the first release on Itiswhatitis (a label Mathew bought from its original owner 11 years later). Another followed in 2002, and in 2003.


As well as continuing to tour his in-demand solo live show, which is consistently ranked amongst Resident Advisor’s top 20, Mathew has recently remixed Seth Troxler, VCMG and Art Department, re-issued classic Typerope material on Itiswhatitis and worked with the talented musicians he has around him He has also written an album as Units and Measurements, a new project with Hreno and The Mole, which will see release in 2016. Fifteen years on from his debut release, ‘New Identity‘, Mathew’s sound and reputation as an artist have developed, as you would expect for someone so richly and widely talented.