Brina Knauss


Sunday 14 July _ 8PM-9:30PM

Her professional music career began as a singer in an all-female pop band B.B.T.. After the disband of the group she moved to Milan, where she started a successful modelling career. She ended up on covers of many fashion magazines around the globe and the most important designers booked her for their’s catwalks. Brina couldn’t stay away from the music for a long time. She started to DJ at a friend’s house parties and by 2012 she got her first club gigs and at important fashion show afterparties.
In summer of 2015 Brina is coming to Ibiza as resident at Ushuaia’s B&B event, in Ibiza Downtown and since then she has been a regular guest dj at Ibiza Global Radio. In 2016 alone Brina ‘the force of the nature’ Knauss had 95 club gigs plus many corporate shows.
2017 sees Brina Knauss more busy then ever both on the road and in the studio. Her mixing skills brought her to play all around Italy and abroad: USA, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, UK, Spain and her homeland Slovenia. Her selection is very distinctive and her mixing style is easily recognised. It can be described as: Very intense Deep/Tech Melodic House.