Thursday 11 July _ 8PM-11PM

From the sand in Nevada to the beaches of Tulum, Audiofly is in a class of its own. The duo formed by the legendary producers Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito (With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership) are always looking for the next frontier in pursuit of their own unique sounds. Producers, event organisers, performers and successful label owners, Audiofly is a mature and established partnership, driven and unmatched in their exploration of this modern music lifestyle.


With a creative scope unmatched only their dedication and drive this duo has successfully over the past 13 years managed to build three record labels, a successful brand known worldwide as Flying Circus.


Based out of Barcelona they have nurtured and supported the careers of many artists thru their original label; Supernature and global brand exposure via Flying Circus, names like Blond:ish, Bedouin and Dance Spirit to name a few have benefited from this community.


Currently their latest project the label Flying Circus Recordings continue this tradition of nurturing the next generation of talent for our future enjoyment.