v Damian Lazarus > Saturday 13 July _ 1AM-3AM

What makes ÂME so unique is the resulting fusion of two such unique and special personalities: a symbolic relationship between Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer. They first began working together some 15 years ago, although the nature of their collaboration is almost impossible to define, going from casual meetings, to exceptional presentations and an uncontrollable sense of curiosity. They shouldn’t be defined by their past, but by what is yet to come.
Frank is the composer and creative motor behind the live performances, and Kristian the DJ who is continuously exploring new territories; together they make up an original tandem of melodies, rhythms and arrangements that not many would be capable of achieving.
Their record label Innervisions is the result of a labour of love on both parts. This shared fascination for reinventing the world of music has also lead them to create a publishing house, the legendary Lost in A Moment parties, a Berlin based record store & distributor and a booking agency.
Each new composition, production and live performance is a culmination of all this acquired experience.